Standard Styles for Legal Agreements

Why adopt the DEG standard?

Brand and Quality

Your documents are at the very heart of your brand, we understand that it is vital that they promote your unique values and standards.  Of course, you need to ensure that your clients recognise your individual identity, but they also value consistency in style and format when receiving your document. They should be able to recognise them instantly and value them for their ease of use.  Documents also need to be used in collaboration with clients and other law firms and that’s where we believe adopting the DEG Standard Styles framework can make a huge difference.  Why not join the growing group of leading law firms and publishers who have adopted DEG as their gold standard for structuring and naming their styles?

Does this mean all documents will look identical?

No, each organisation adopting the standard styles can set them to their own house preferences for font, numbering, branding and layout etc.  Only the style names and structure need to be DEG compliant, and they have been deliberately selected to be meaningful and easy to understand.

Reduce risk

We have all been there, you’ve been working on a document for weeks, it’s been through so many different drafts, been updated, added to and amended and finally you are ready to send the completed version.  Everyone is happy and then Bam! The numbering and styling goes wrong.  Often this is caused by unnecessary complexity in styling and numbering.  Using a recognised structure and standard can help protect your firm from the problems of document corruption and save a lot of late nights and unnecessary restyling work.

Improve Training

The DEG standard is clear, concise and easy to follow.  It promotes best practice in using Word and makes it easier to train your users.  Adopting the DEG standard as part of your Word training assures you that your users will have high quality skills and be able to use and manipulate documents easily and at optimum speed.

Reduce Complexity and cost

Adopting the DEG Standard Styles framework can save you a lot of time and money, reducing the need for you to maintain complex technical solutions to support fiddly templates.  Not to mention the reduction in down-time, conversion time and training.

Group support

DEG membership gives you access to the combined expertise of a whole host of document experts who can help you plan your move to DEG and share best practice.  We have regular meetings and a very active community who share the common goal of making document production as streamlined and efficient as possible.

Why not join our group, have a look at the standard style list and contact us for further information.

DEG List of Standard Styles for Legal Agreements

So, you want to adopt standard Styles – let’s help you Get Started

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