Spotlight on Sue McNulty

NameSue McNulty
Role / Job TitleIT Training Manager
Length of time in industry30 years
What do you like about your role?The variety of work I do and courses I deliver. We are a medium-sized North West firm which means I’m not part of a large training team, so I do get to be a jack of all trades, which isn’t a bad thing at all. One day I’ll be training LTC4 courses, the next I’ll be following a test script for the new DMS, the next I will be writing new material, visiting people are their desks, taking support calls and so on.
What is challenging within your role?Being on my own in my own little team can be challenging in itself due to the volume of work, and I sometimes miss having another person to bounce ideas off, although I do work in a lovely IT team whom I know I can call upon if I need to run something by them. I find getting fee earners into the training room is always a challenge (at every firm).
What advice would you give someone starting out?Be yourself and be approachable. Don’t assume you have to know everything you are asked. It’s ok to say you don’t know (as long as you find out and get back to them).
If you weren't working in legal, what do you think you'd be doing?Something artistic (which I doubt would pay the bills).
Tell us about an "average" day, or if every day is different tell us about a recent dayToday is a prime example of a varied day. Trainee intake day – spending a whole morning with 7 new trainees and watching them watching me like rabbits in headlights. Attending a project meeting on the new PMS. Subsequently meeting with a process manager to go through the new file opening process for the new PMS and how it will impact induction training. Visiting a partner at his desk to run through a new file sharing platform with him. Attending a webex with our Word Developers for some proposed new software to help document production of large documents. And fitting strong coffees in in between all those tasks.