Spotlight on Matthew Roberts

NameMatthew Roberts
Role / Job TitleProduct Manager
Length of time in industry10+ Years
What do you like about your role?The best part about being a Product Manager is bringing new products or features to market, and seeing how they really impact and make users’ work lives easier and more productive. That said, it’s not always about the big new shiny features – sometimes it’s just something small and specific, maybe making sure our software handles particular templates, for example, that can have a real impact on our clients’ day to day work, and their happiness with our software.
What is challenging within your role?Deciding what not to do! External users and internal people alike have so many great ideas (and some bad ones!) – for Product Managers, taking everyone’s views into consideration and deciding what we should and should not be working on is one of the biggest challenges we face.
What advice would you give someone starting out?Get to know people and build relationships. There are so many great people in the legal industry – it’s almost like a family. That goes for vendors and clients alike.
If you weren't working in legal, what do you think you'd be doing?If you asked me 15 years ago, I’d say a car mechanic. Now I’ve had the experience of being a Product Manager, if I wasn’t working in legal, I would want to continue making things easier for people, either in their work or personal lives, by building software solutions.
Tell us about an "average" day, or if every day is different tell us about a recent dayEvery day can be different and have its unique challenges, but typically it starts by having a stand-up with the Engineering team to understand how we are progressing with any given feature, bug or release we are working on, to make sure the team are not blocked from continuing their efforts. The rest of my day can be a combination of meetings with our Sales team and prospects, helping our Support team investigate issues clients may be experiencing, planning what we are going to include in future versions of our products and providing updates to people. It never stops!