Spotlight on Kirsty Fido

NameKirsty Fido
Role / Job TitleDocument Support Manager
Length of time in industry13 years
What do you like about your role?The variety of new challenges each day. You just don't know what you're going to receive in.
What is challenging within your role?Managing a day and night service who provide support 15 hours a day in just 8 hours!
What advice would you give someone starting out?Always welcome feedback and be open to change.
If you weren't working in legal, what do you think you'd be doing?Coaching or working within a rugby environment.
Tell us about an "average" day, or if every day is different tell us about a recent dayEvery day is different but always starts the same, with a strong coffee. Most of the early part of the morning is checking through my emails from the evening team and seeing what they've completed and handed over to the day team. Throughout the day it's a matter of managing workflows, spending time in far too many meetings and looking at ways to continually develop the service and improve the end user experience. Come the latter part of the day I start reviewing the evening team's workload, prioritising tasks and further personnel meetings following feedback and/or training on new processes or procedures.