Spotlight on Emma Cummins

NameEmma Cummins
Role / Job TitleWorkflow Analyst & IT Trainer
FirmParis Smith LLP
Length of time in industry18 years
What do you like about your role?Working with staff of all levels across the Firm.
What is challenging within your role?Working with staff of all levels across the Firm!
What advice would you give someone starting out?Be at peace about not knowing all the answers, prioritise building relationships internally over getting your own way and manage your time how you want to!
If you weren't working in legal, what do you think you'd be doing?Writing and singing my own music.
Tell us about an "average" day, or if every day is different tell us about a recent dayAfter getting through the school run and making my way to the office I block out the first half hour of the day to check for any emails needing immediate attention, I then pick one thing I really need/want to achieve that day and then see what else the day throws at me. Some days are back to back meetings others can be spent more creatively, others can be just one email or phone call after another needing answers or support. Fridays are my favourite, I get to work remotely and use the time to catch up on the phone networking or with suppliers, review the week's activities and plan for the next - always with some music playing in the background!