May 2023 – PowerPoint & Excel Tips and Tricks

We all have our lifehacks for saving time and making things easier – the same goes for working on our documents.  We love an opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other, so thanks to everyone that sent their favourite tips and tricks – from the little known, to the most popular – so that Clare could share them for everyone to benefit.

If you weren’t able to join live, do watch the recording to find out what we learnt from each other at this virtual event.

Recordings from our previous events are also available on our Webinars page.

We’ll be producing a quick reference guide detailing some of our favourite tips from the session, but in the meantime we’d like to share thoughts from Theresa Milmoe (European IT Trainer for Maples Group), who attended the session:

The “oooh” moments. As Clare said herself, it’s what every trainer wants to hear in a training session. We know we’ve shared something that’s going to save time or add value for whatever reason to the participants.

In the Tips and Tricks Excel and PowerPoint session, we had lots of silent “oooh” moments, in the Chat. Where lots of attendees (our informed DEG peers) were excited by some functionality that they weren’t aware of before. For me, in PowerPoint it was holding the Shift key when creating shapes to ensure a pure square/circle/triangle, and the very topical Accessibility in PowerPoint – points to consider for future in house sessions!

In Excel, Alt + “+” for the Sum function. Right Clicking the Fill handle (why did I never do this before?) to only fill weekdays! and Ctrl + A, Alt & Shift, then right click to Copy as Path. I’ve been doing this via OneNote, and Copy text from picture, if it’s a long list this would save so much time!