Keyboard shortcuts

Most software comes with a number of different ways to achieve the same goal and Microsoft Word is no exception.  Along with toolbar and ribbon icons and the right click context menu, there is the powerful and versatile world of keyboard shortcuts.

Of course there are the basic everyday ones such as:

  • Ctrl S – save
  • Ctrl P – print
  • Ctrl X – cut
  • Ctrl C – copy
  • Ctrl V – paste
  • Ctrl B – bold
  • Ctrl I – italics
  • Ctrl U – underline
  • F7 – spellcheck
  • F9 – update fields
  • Ctrl Enter – page break

But what about the rest?  There’s simply too many to list, but here are some of our favourites:

  • Ctrl Space – clear character formatting
  • Ctrl Q – clear paragraph formatting
  • Ctrl Shift C – copy formatting
  • Ctrl Shift V – paste formatting
  • Shift F3 – change case
  • F4 – repeat last action
  • F2 – move text
  • Ctrl H – replace tab of the Find & Replace dialogue box
  • Ctrl Home / Ctrl End – move to the top or bottom of the document
  • Ctrl Up / Ctrl Down – move up or down a paragraph
  • Ctrl Left / Ctrl Right – move left or right a word

Have we missed your favourite?  Do you customise your own?  Let us know which ones you couldn’t live without.



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