Can you help?

As a non-profit organisation we rely on volunteers to allow us to continue our work. Our current global membership is made up of individuals like yourself who have a huge interest in document excellence, best practice, and the future roles we play in a changing world. Our current membership stands at almost 1,000 members representing 400 organisations worldwide across the legal sector and other professional services.

We want you to expand your network, share your knowledge, and in turn, help our members develop their own skills.  To achieve that we need your help, in the UK, the US and worldwide, no matter how big or small your contribution. Could you help us by doing any of the following?

  • Join a working party – to help organise an event or develop and document best practice in a specific area
  • Write an article – is there something that interests you or that you feel strongly about that you would like to submit for inclusion in our newsletter or on our website
  • Help us develop a series of hints and tips which will be included on our website
  • Join the management committee
  • Help with admin, distribution, proof reading, etc etc

you think you can help or would like to explore this more please complete this short questionnaire and we will be in touch very soon.