Attendee Write Ups

Our Write Up series hands over to members to share their thoughts from events.

    February 2024 - On-boarding

    We're so grateful to Heather Morrow for sharing some of her tips for success (gained over an impressive 25 years of experience) for on-boarding new employees. From the best way to provide a welcome, to technology and equipment recommendation, checklists, and automated follow-up emails; find out what her team are doing to ensure new joiners get off to a great start in their new roles.

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    Document Excellence Day 2023 - Accessibility and Adaptability

    Event write up by Terry Ponsford, regular attendee

    When I saw the title for the day’s event, and the list of speakers, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. Attending in person proved to be a really good decision, but for those who couldn’t, virtual attendance was also an option.

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    DEG/ILTA/LTC4 Training Special – June 2023

    Event write up by Jackie Armstrong, regular attendee

    It was so lovely to see lots of familiar faces (some in person and some online) as well as some new ones at the recent ILTA Education SIG, DEG and LTC4 meeting discussing the world of legal digital skills training. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the meeting at Milbank LLP’s offices in person which was a real treat.

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    Document Accessibility – April 2023

    Event write up by Hanneke ter Veen-Hockney, regular attendee

    “If you don’t design for accessibility, it’s like saying to every fifth person who walks in your door, ‘I don’t really want your business.’”*

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    Manipulating PDFs – February 2023

    Event write up by Sharon Gordon, regular attendee

    The DEG event, Manipulating and Managing PDFs, that took place in February 2023 was very enlightening, and I am very glad I was able to attend as I learned a lot about PDFs and how they are being used today.

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    DEG Teams Talk – January 2023

    Event write up by Joanne Humber, committee member.

    This online Teams roundtable meeting, led by Richard MacDougal, Sherry Kappel, Tracy Kraft, and Pat Mansuy, certainly proved popular and opened up everyone’s eyes to both the possibilities and the pitfalls of this software!

    Teams was actually launched in 2017, but it wasn’t until 2019 followed by the beginning of Covid lockdowns the following year, that it really began to be used in earnest by law firms.

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    Ask the Experts - January 2023

    Event write up by Joanne Humber, committee member.

    Well, what a great session that was!  The first in-person combined with Zoom event happened at Milbank’s very smart new offices at 100 Liverpool Street.  It was so good to see some familiar faces both sitting around the conference table and on the screen.  Maybe life is returning to something like normal?

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    Document Excellence Day – October 2018

    Event write up by Sue McNulty, regular attendee

    From jazzy socks to Word Perfect memories to Scottish humourism – the Document Excellence Day did not fail to deliver, as always.

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    Document Excellence Day – 4th October 2017

    Event write up by Julie McCarthy, committee

    I have been attending this event now for around 5 years and have to say this has got to be one of the best ones yet!!  It was so well organised and ran exactly to the timings on the agenda.  We started the day with refreshments and our first opportunity to network with other attendees.  At 9.30 am the sessions started with Clare Waller leading the day.  She gave an excellent introduction to the day with some interesting facts and figures, particularly how many total years’ experience the UKDEG  team had been working in Law – too many to mention!

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    Planning the Document Excellence Day

    Event write up by Clare Waller, committee member and event chair

    As each year goes by and the event grows, the Document Excellence Day takes just that little bit more effort to organise.  On the up side, every year we learn how to do things better and I hope that shows.

    Directly after the event there’s a period of mop up.  There are lots of thank you emails to speakers, sponsors and all those who have helped to make the day a success.  Feedback is read and collated and a report produced for the Committee Members.  Slides and information are uploaded to the website.

    And then – we start all over again!  Planning for next year’s event has already begun.  So, where do we start.  First the venue and then the date – that’s the easy bit.

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    Document Excellence Day (formerly Word Excellence Day) – still lived up to its name

    Event write up by Teresa Vincent, regular attendee

    This year’s Document Excellence Day was as great as ever.   I came away with some useful tips and lots of food for thought.  I imagine most of the attendees like me are trying to find meaningful ways of including a 3D Hubble space telescope in our future PowerPoint presentations!

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