Simon Elven

About Simon

Simon was a founding member of Tikit and has been influential in the development of the company over the last 19 years. Tikit is recognised as one of the leading providers of IT products and services to the legal and accounting sectors. Much of Simon’s early work was with document management systems and then with CRM systems and their application for business development.

The Evolution of the Matter File – from One to Many to One

Life in the past used to be easy. We had our one matter file, it was paper and it was all in one place. Then we started to get clever. As technology developed so did the number of places where items related to the matter file existed. We are now in a position where technology has grown up sufficiently for us to return to the holy grail of a single place to hold ‘a matter’. Considering the benefits of a single matter file, how can technology help achieve the trust that everything related to a matter is, indeed, in one place.

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