Sherry Kappel

About Sherry

Sherry has more than 30 years’ experience in the design, implementation and change management surrounding content-authoring technologies. She has written and spoken widely to address the needs, goals and strategies of document-intensive businesses, and is an expert in Microsoft Office applications. She was recognized by ILTA as Innovative Consultant of the Year in 2014, and as Vendor Thought Leader in 2017. Sherry is a member of the Document Lifecycle Evangelist team at Litera Microsystems.

“The Seven Laws of Word’s Outline Numbering”: 20 Years Later

Twenty years ago, legal’s mass exodus into Microsoft Office found us baffled by what was then a brand-new feature in Word: Multilevel Lists. To address challenges faced community-wide, our founding organisation published what became the venerable “Seven Laws of Word’s Outline Numbering”. In this informative session, we’ll honour the document and its contributors, poke fun at its Defined Terms and summarise its impact then – and even now.

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