Ryan Soosayraj

About Ryan

Born in Malaysia at a time when it was devoid of useful technologies and spending most of his adult life pursuing a career in product design in England has led to Ryan developing an unrelenting drive to craft simple, beautiful, delightful and useful products that improve the things people do every day. Always in pursuit of the perfect balance of technology and simplicity, for when these are crafted well and with taste, a pure product is formed that improves and enhances everything.

Disruptive Technologies – Simplifying Your Day or Complicating Your Life

Ryan will share some technologies that he has encountered in his personal and professional life and how these are either simplifying or over complicating our days. Some key industries are being disrupted by technology just as much as a change to principles and the market is listening. Others are applying stresses to social and personal well-being. All views are Ryan’s own.

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