Rob Simcock

About Rob

Rob began his career as a chef in the army before moving into sales roles in the copier industry. Rob has spent 30 years in the managed print industry, working predominantly with the legal sector. Through this time he has seen the industry strive to find more sustainable and economical ways of working. He was a Director at DMC for 20 years before joining Kutana in 2009. Kutana specialises in user productivity software, working with law firms to manage and reduce

Does Paper-Lite Just Mean Less Paper?

“Paper-Lite” means so many different things to different people. How has it become such a touchstone for everyone? Is the aim just to have less paper in the firm? Each firm is driven by a different ethos and different driving forces so, when your firm’s management decides to start its Paper-Lite initiative, what does it actually mean and what does success look like? One way or another, print management is used in the majority of firms as part of their Paper-Lite strategy. But where can the software and hardware tools that are appearing and evolving in the Paper-Lite world take us?

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