Morten Hald Mortensen

About Morten

Morten is CTO in SkabelonDesign and co-founder of Templafy. He has been in the template management industry for more than a decade and has acted in a variety of roles. He is currently CTO, but he has also been involved in project management, business development, change management and as an MS Office consultant. Morten’s drive is all about making users efficient and on-brand in MS Office – across all industries. He is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Transitioning is Tough!

Template changes can be caused by many things, e.g. rebranding, new stylesets, colours, Office version, integrations and productivity tools. With over a decade of experience managing template transitions, Morten is going to share some insights on best practices on how to transition based on real case scenarios – the do’s and don’ts.

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