Gina Querns

About Gina

Gina has been at Fladgate for 15 years and previously worked at Freshfields in what was then called “WP” for 18 years. She has worked as an IT Trainer and is TAP qualified.  She has a strong interest in best practice for house styles and templates and gives talks to Fladgate’s fee earners on those topics. She thinks our biggest challenge is sustaining clean and stable documents, to ensure our fee earners are trained and supported to a level where they can amend their own documentation but also know their limitations and when to call for help!

What’s the future of the DPU?

We hear about AI, document automation and collaboration platforms and lawyers working in their own documents. In a legal sector of more than 11,000 firms in England & Wales alone, the document production team really is a niche specialist role. Should we be worried about how our skills are valued or should we embrace whatever opportunities that technology can offer us?”