Fiona Donkin

About Fiona

Fiona has worked with Brodies LLP for 11 years. Fiona is TAP certified and has worked in the legal environment for many, many years! In fact, when Fiona first started in the legal industry, manual typewriters were the norm! Times change and Fiona is now particularly interested in developing and delivering customised eLearning solutions.


The day came when we had to embark on the eLearning road. We were keen, as a business, to reduce the length of the IT Induction and there was a requirement to plan for ISO 27001:2013. This therefore demanded that we ‘get on board’ with eLearning. Anyone who has faced the challenge of pulling together eLearning for a business will know that this is a mammoth task. The hardest part was starting. Fiona will take us through her eLearning journey at Brodies.

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