Adrienne Mansfield

About Adrienne

With experience spanning both public and private sectors, Adrienne is a highly qualified business change and transformation consultant. Adrienne has spent over a decade in the legal sector gaining extensive knowledge and experience in the delivery of cultural change and business change programmes. Qualified to portfolio management level she has in-depth knowledge of governance and delivery methods for all areas of programme and portfolio management.

Paper Reduction – Where Do I Start?

Working online is now the norm, and with the increase and ease of use of available electronic media, apps, AI and disruptive technologies flooding the market, many organisations are now looking at paper reduction initiatives to try to tame their reliance on paper. This is a real culture shift for any organisation, and as we all know law firms are seriously dependent on paper matter files and the need for original legal documents. Sharing her experiences of a successful paper reduction exercise in the legal environment, Adrienne will prepare you for tackling some of the issues you will face and to avoid some of the pitfalls you will come across.

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