Heather Morrow – Loeb & Loeb

About Heather

Heather started as a Word Processer over 27 years ago on Word 6.  In VBA, she wrote a script called HACMAC that was used to clean up scanned/converted documents.   It worked so well, Sherry Kapel had a hard time selling that law firm on DocXtools.  Heather joined Loeb & Loeb LLP 23 years ago, as a trainer, and has worked her way up into a firm leadership role as the Director, Project Management and Trainer.   She believes in the importance of maintaining a healthy document through the application of proper styles, number and other proper formatting.

Committee Roles

Committee member since June 2021


Tracy Kraft – Kraft Kennedy

About Tracy Tracy Kraft is the Marketing Director of Kraft Kennedy, a technology consulting firm that specializes in legal IT. Tracy plans and oversees the implementation of the firm’s marketing and branding strategies. She is an expert in experiential marketing and manages the firm’s digital strategy along with its partner …