November 2023 – Law Firm Risk Management: The Safe and Effective Use of Artificial Intelligence

In November we welcomed two partners from Kingsley Napley; Jessica Clay – a partner in the Regulatory team, and Emily Carter – a partner in the Public Law team. Jessica and Emily are experts in this field, and so perfectly suited to take us through what law firms need to be aware of when adopting Artificial Intelligence.

Advancement of artificial intelligence (particularly generative AI and the use of large language models) is fast-paced, and the landscape and its capabilities are forever changing. Getting to a place where AI is used safely and effectively, but where the boundaries of innovation can be pushed, is a conundrum that law firms need to start unpicking.

What do law firms need to be considering?  Jessica and Emily took us through some of the risk mangement strategies that firms should be implementing to reap the benefits and harness the potential of AI.