February 2023 – Manipulating PDFs

A big thanks to everyone that joined in our event on the benefits and challenges of working with PDFs.  This was a virtual event with a lively discussion led by Sheila Quansah-Solomon and Joanne Humber, joined by Michael Lawton (Kofax), Lee Trevallion (Kofax) and Rob Simcock (Kutana)We also had many questions and contributions from the 90 attendees that joined us.

The topics discussed included some background of the PDF format, as well the real world challenges of manipulating PDFs, the tools available when working with them, and considerations that should be taken into account now that editing PDFs has become more accessible:

  • PDF as a document format and its intended workflow
  • Benefits of PDF vs other document formats
  • The need to manipulate… and who is driving this?
  • What are the challenges?
  • Are security, compliance, signatures, etc compromised in the process?
  • Maintaining compatibility
  • PDF formats, what are they and are they needed?
  • What’s new in PDF software features?
  • Is there a danger of PDFs becoming another editable format?

This session was recorded; and is available to view here: Event Recordings page. 

A big thanks to our member Sharon Gordon, who provided her thoughts on the event: Manipulating PDFs – member write-up