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developing best practice and promoting excellence
through knowledge and collaboration
Better Documents
Imagine a world where documents were drafted with ease, without hours wasted reformatting, fixing numbering or making sense of broken cross references. Discover how to turn this into reality and start working towards better documents.
Best Practice
Learn how to create and maintain trouble-free documents. Understand the causes of document problems and how to address this in your organisation. Explore how to get the best out of your documents as technology evolves.
Blue Star Standard
Join the growing number of firms using the Standard Styles framework for their legal documents.  Devised to bring stability and ease of use while allowing firms to retain their individual identity and house style branding.

Document Excellence Group

Featured Content
Document Excellence Day 2021 – Speakers
Thank you to all the speakers and panelists who have given up their time to discuss and educate us on a variety of topics all...
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Document Excellence Day 2021 – Sponsors
Thank you to our sponsors your support is invaluable to us Find out more about our sponsors
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Document Excellence Day Registration 27th October
The Document Excellence Group welcomes you to its 2021 Global and Virtual DEG Day event, to be held on Wednesday, 27 October, starting at 13:30...
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Our strategic partner LTC4 supports new initiative to establish best practices for document competency
The Effectiveness Project team announced today that it has completed the first version of Document Competency: What Every Legal Professional Should Know for Effective &...
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Document Capability Matrix – Download
In April 2020, DEG Members Donna Dailey (KDW/NY) and Sharon Decker (Ropes & Gray/NY) facilitated a virtual roundtable discussing the Future of the Document Production...
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International Focus and Name Change
PRESS RELEASE, 2 OCTOBER 2019 To reflect the desire of UKDEG to widen its focus and be more inclusive of international members, a new scope and rebrand is to be launched at its annual conference which includes updating the name to DOCUMENT EXCELLENCE GROUP (DEG).
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