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developing best practice and promoting excellence
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Better Documents

Imagine a world where documents were drafted with ease, without hours wasted reformatting, fixing numbering or making sense of broken cross references. Discover how to turn this into reality and start working towards better documents.

Best Practice

Learn how to create and maintain trouble-free documents. Understand the causes of document problems and how to address this in your organisation. Explore how to get the best out of your documents as technology evolves.

Blue Star Standard

Join the growing number of firms using the Standard Styles framework for their legal documents.  Devised to bring stability and ease of use while allowing firms to retain their individual identity and house style branding.

Document Excellence Group

Featured Content

Navigating the AI styles: A journey with Microsoft Copilot

Event write up by Rob Simcock, DEG member “Manage your users’ expectations” was my takeaway from the Microsoft Copilot webinar ‘Navigating the AI Skies’ held by Document Excellence Group on 18 June.
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Recent Events – Recordings Available here

If you have been unable to attend any of the events we've held, you can still benefit from the information and ideas shared by watching...
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February 2024 – Standard Styles

The DEG Standard Styles Framework has been adopted by many firms in the UK and Europe over the years, and has successfully enabled firms to produce robust documents that are intuitive to work with.
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February 2024 – On-boarding

We’re so grateful to Heather Morrow for sharing some of her tips for success (gained over an impressive 25 years of experience) for on-boarding new employees. From the best way to provide a welcome, to technology and equipment recommendation, checklists, and automated follow-up emails; find out what her team are …
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7 February 2024 – Onboarding and Standard Styles Review

Join us for our first event of 2024: On February 7th we will be hosting an event covering two topics that are very important to...
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