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developing best practice and promoting excellence
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Better Documents

Imagine a world where documents were drafted with ease, without hours wasted reformatting, fixing numbering or making sense of broken cross references. Discover how to turn this into reality and start working towards better documents.

Best Practice

Learn how to create and maintain trouble-free documents. Understand the causes of document problems and how to address this in your organisation. Explore how to get the best out of your documents as technology evolves.

Blue Star Standard

Join the growing number of firms using the Standard Styles framework for their legal documents.  Devised to bring stability and ease of use while allowing firms to retain their individual identity and house style branding.

Document Excellence Group

Featured Content

Document Excellence Day 2023

October 11th 2023 is Document Excellence Day. This year we come together to discuss accessibility, and consider how we make our documents accessible to everyone, regardless of abilities, environment and devices.
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September 2023 – PDF Capabilities and Standards

After a summer recess, we were delighted to to welcome Thomas Zellmann from the PDF Association to speak to us about PDF and PDF/A standards.
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June 2023 – DEG/ILTA/LTC4 Training Special (London)

This month we came together with ILTA’s Special Interest Group for Education & Training, and  LTC4’s Global Digital Learning Network to discuss some some of the key challenges for the training professional. 
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May 2023 – PowerPoint & Excel Tips and Tricks

We all have our lifehacks for saving time and making things easier – the same goes for working on our documents. 
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April 2023 – Document Accessibility

As we consider the changes made in every workplace to address Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, we realise the progress we have made is remarkable.
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Catch up on recent events: Recordings now available for January & February

As we don't have any events scheduled this month, you might want to recap on our January & February events and see if you can...
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